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Founded by twin sisters Virginia and Victoria. In the continuous search for new styles, until we realized that we could instead conceive our own, so in 2020, during the COVID-19 epidemic, DONT @ ME was born. The name perfectly symbolizes our brand concept, just as you wouldn't care what people would say about your Twitter opinion or the photo you posted on Instagram. Why should you care what they say about your style? What you wear should represent your most unique self and who you are, so if you like it, WEAR IT. Each piece was created with you in mind and designed to let you express your true self.


Our tag consists of a bandana with our label sewn on. This allows the customer to use the tag and represent the brand in its entirety.


We have customized the internal tag. To remind the customer of the importance of being unique, and above all the fact that each tie-dye piece being garment dyed is unique. Just like those who wear it.